I am a staff software engineer working for Wikimedia Deutschland on various projects including Wikibase, Wikidata and MediaWiki.

I also have a collection of side projects which you can read about on a dedicated page.

I use the username “addshore” in most places, such as GitHub, Twitter & Wikimedia. Hence the name of this site.

Take a look at my latest posts or various projects.

You can also get in touch with me using my contact page.

And if you want to read more about my current adventure, check out sailinghannahpenn.co.uk

Latest Posts

  • Google Cloud Storage upload with s3cmd
    I recently had to upload a large (1TB) file from a Wikimedia server into a Google Cloud Storage bucket. gsutil was not available to me, but s3cmd was. So here is a little how to post for uploading to a Google Cloud Storage bucket using the S3 API…
  • Hunting YouTube Crypto Scams
    Back in April 2022 I got annoyed by how prevalent cryptocurrency scams were still on YouTube years after I had first seen them. I spent a few minutes going through the scams that I easily found with a search for live streams including either “ETH” to “BTC” and…
  • Sailing: Month 1
    I’m writing a lot of content over on sailinghannahpenn.co.uk, and I want to share some of that here, linking to most of the posts and adding a little more. We actually wrote most of the initial blog posts in Month 1, as we had already set off before…
  • A digital nomad boat experience
    I have always been somewhat of a digital nomad in my working life, an opportunity that mainly exists due to my very flexible job as a software engineer at Wikimedia Germany. Over the years I have been primarily based in the UK but have travelled with work to…
  • Modifying default width of WordPress pages using new themes like Blockbase
    I switched to the Blockbase WordPress theme a few weeks ago as it supports full-site editing, which brings blocks to all parts of your site rather than just posts and pages. I found the content to be quite narrow out of the box at 620px. I really wanted…