Just finished sailing the world aboard sailinghannahpenn.co.uk.

Now working at lightbug.io

Previously a staff software engineer working for Wikimedia Deutschland on various projects including Wikibase, Wikidata and MediaWiki.

My side projects are numerous, and you can read about them on a dedicated page.

I use the username “addshore” in most places, such as GitHub, Mastodon, Twitter, Keybase & Wikimedia. Hence the name of this site.

Take a look at my latest posts or various projects.

You can also get in touch with me using my contact page.

Latest Posts

  • 2023 Year Review
    What a year, I spent most of my time on a sail boat, cruising around the Caribbean etc, and working part-time for Wikimedia on Wikibase. WBStack became Wikibase.Cloud and the team now working behind it has continued to iterate on the platform, which finally made its way out…
  • Smart Home: A fleet of Temperature and Humidity Sensors
    One of the easiest ways to get myself into the Zigbee life without needing to worry too much about exactly what I was doing, buying or what my goals were was to buy a set of Temperature and Humidity Sensors for every room of the house. After a…
  • Scanning for iBeacon advertisements in Go
    I spent some time this evening faffing around trying to make a Raspberry Pi turn into a device that could detect nearby iBeacons, filtered by signal strength to find the closest, to basically create a kind of iBeacon scanner that spat out the UUID, minor and major values.…
  • Review & Removal of Wikidata query service Blazegraph JNL on Cloudflare R2
    Back in August, I uploaded a new Wikidata query service Blazegraph JNL file to both Cloudflare and the Internet Archive. 4 months on, it is time for me to remove the R2 version of this file, which is costing me around 18 USD per month to store, and…
  • Smart home: Starting with OPNSense Router, Eero Wi-Fi and a pile of cables
    I recently moved into a home, that whether I like it or note, is rather “smart”. There is a Ring video doorbell, Ring camera out the back and Wi-Fi radiators throughout, not to mention the Wi-Fi fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, hot water tank and Amazon Echo Dot that…