Wikimania Open Data Weekend

July 7, 2014 0 By addshore

Wikimania 2014 logoThe Open Data Weekend was fringe event to the Wikimania conference this year. It took place in Frobisher Room One at The Barbican Centre in London on the 5 & 6th of July and was well attended.

The weekend included:

  • Discussion about how open data, specifically Wikidata, is helping the Wikimedia movement as a whole covering its current integration with sister projects such as Wikipedia and Wikisource as well as future integration with these as well as Wikimedia Commons.
  • A general discussion on open data and the philosophy and the Semantic Web technologies.
  • Exploring various tools and applications that run and depend on the data stored within Wikidata and Wikimedia projects.

Unfortunately I am writing this post in 2015  and various details have fallen out of my mind… Luckily there is an EtherPad that contains lots of notes!

During the event I represented Wikidata along with one of two other Wikidata volunteers. Lots of the focus of the event was on Wikidata as, after all, the event had been organised in the run up to Wikimania. As such I gave the first presentation on Wikidata which can be found on Prezi.

There were also presentations from several other attendees representing OpenStreetMap, ORCIDOpen CorporatesHistropedia, The Open Data Button, ChemspiderKDE and WikiTranslate. Notes for all presentations can be found in the EtherPad.