Geospatial search is up and running for the Wikidata Query Service! This allows you to search for items with coordinates that are located within a certain radius or within a bounding box.

Along side the the map that can be used to display results for the query service this really is a great tool for quickly visualizing coverage.

Search around a point

The below query selects all items that are within a 100km radius circle of Berlin. Checkout the in-line comments to see exactly that is happening.

This query currently matches 9468 results and when the results are rendered on the built in map for the query service they look like this.

WDQS Geospatial Query 100km of Berlin

Of course you can build a more complex query to refine the result further, for example to only show airports within the circle. The extra code along with the resulting image can be seen below.

WDQS Geospatial Query Airports 100km of Berlin

Search within a bounding box

The below query selects all items between San Jose, CA and Sacramento, CA using a bounding box.

All of the items from within this box can be seen in the image below, but similarly with the circle you can add more to the query to refine the results.

WDQS Geospatial Query CA box

You can find more details about the Geospatial queries on the help page @ _search