So I created a category on this Blog for my new van some time ago now, but I am yet to post about it at all. One of the reasons that I probably held back was at the start of this Blog I wasn’t really sure what I was going to put here. But here goes with post #1

Van Number 1I bought a van in August 2015 (9 before this post date).

It is a white short wheelbase Volkswagen Transporter 4, and of course my plan is to travel in it and enjoy the country and hopefully other parts of the world. In August it had roughly 170,000 miles on its clock, which hopefully leaves room for many many more.

Prior to this I was served well by an old 1989 / 1990 Nissan Micra 988cc hatch back (also in white), but that is now serving another master.

At the time of writing this the van has already changed in many ways, but lets save that for later posts.