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November 4, 2016 3 By addshore
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Back in 2013 maps were generated almost daily to track the immediate usage of the then new coordinate location within the project. An animation was then created by Denny & Lydia showing the amazing growth which can be seen on commons here. Recently we found the original images used to make this animation starting in June 2013 and extending to September 2013, and to celebrate the fourth birthday of Wikidata we decided to make a few new animations.

The above animation contains images from 2013 (June to September) and then 2014 onwards.

This gap could be what resulted in the visible jump in brightness of the gif. This jump could also be explained by different render settings used to create the map, at some point we should go back and generate standardized images for every week / months that coordinates have existed on Wikidata.

The whole gif and the individual halves can all be found on commons under CC0:

The animations were generated directly from png files using the following command:

convert -delay 10 -loop 0 *.png output.gif

These animations use the “small” images generated in previous posts such as Wikidata Map October 2016.

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