Wikidata Map November 2017

December 3, 2017 3 By addshore
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It has only been 4 months since my last Wikidata map update post, but the difference on the map in these 4 months is much greater than the diff shown in my last post covering 9 months. The whole map is covered with pink (additions to the map). The main areas include Norway, Germany, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam and New Zealand to name just a few.

As with previous posts varying sizes of the images generated can be found on Wikimedia Commons along with the diff image:

July to November in numbers

In the last 4 months (roughly speaking):

  • ~9.8 million new items have been created, an increase of roughly 30%
  • ~400 new properties to describe those items
  • ~1.4 million new links to wikimedia project articles (sitelinks)
  • ~150 million new statements on items, an increase of 78%, from ~191 million
    • Of these statements only ~7 million lack references, leaving ~143 million of the new statements having references.
  • This brings the total number of references from ~265 million to ~643 million, with only ~39 million of those referencing back to Wikipedia

All of these numbers were roughly pulled out of graphs by eye. The graphs can be seen below:

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