Month: February 2019

Add Exif data back to Facebook images – 0.1

EDIT: Version 0.10 was released in April 2020 In 2016 I wrote a blog post with this exact title when moving all of my pictures from Facebook to Google photos. I wrote a hacky little script which met my needs and added exif data from a HTML Facebook data dump back to the images…

By addshore February 10, 2019 78

Creating a Dockerfile for the Wikibase Registry

Currently the Wikibase Registry(setup┬ápost) is deployed using the shoehorning approach described in one of my earlier posts. After continued discussion on the Wikibase User Group Telegram chat about different setups and upgrade woes I have decided to convert the Wikibase Registry to use the prefered approach of a custom Dockerfile building a layer on top…

By addshore February 7, 2019 1