2020 Year Review

December 26, 2020 0 By addshore
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Another year is up, and what a year it has been. I finally open sourced wbstack, I complained about fake news, looked at Minecraft mods and took a look at how COVID-19 was affecting Wikipedia page views.

I make this post mainly for me to be able to look back at each year in a small snapshot. You can find similar posts for previous years in 2019, 2018 and 2017.

Currently I generate this post in a very manual way, sifting through data from WordPress stats, Twitter Analytics and my Github user page. Maybe I should change that for next year!


On the whole this blog continues to grow year on year, both in terms of content and readers.

  • 47,000+ page views, up from 23,940 (~96% increase)
  • 31,700+ visitors, up from 16,276 (~94% increase)
  • 23+ posts, up from 11 in 2019, but still not as high as my 25 in 2018
  • 90+ comments, slightly down from 101

Top 10 blog posts

The group of posts that stand out above the rest are posts about Facebook and trying to make little things better. Interest in these posts saw me make a new Chrome extension this year, including some of the “hacks” that I had written about.

  1. Quickly clearing out your Facebook advert ‘interests’ (was #6)
  2. Python3, Using some shared state in 2 async methods (remains #2)
  3. Adding git bash to Windows terminal (new in 2020)
  4. Add Exif data back to Facebook images – 0.1 (remains #4)
  5. Browser extension to clear your Facebook advert interests (new in 2020)
  6. Reducing Java JVM memory usage in Containers and on Kubernetes (new in 2020)
  7. Guzzle 6 retry middleware (was #5, saw increase in views)
  8. Your own Wikidata Query Service, with no limits (was #16)
  9. A firewall is blocking sharing between Windows and the containers – Docker (was #1).
  10. gitgraph.js and codepen.io for git visualization (was #7, saw increase in views)


Code related contributions are quite hard to easily measure across all projects. But here are some of the highlights.


In 2020 I gained to Arctive Code Vault Contributor badge for some minor contributions to ansible, grafana and phan.

According to Github I made roughly 1976 contributions in 2020. This stays consistent with 2019 which now says 1924. Seemingly this number is different to that which was included in my 2019 review, probably because of moving all of the wbstack code to be open source, much of which had commits in 2019.

Looking only at the wbstack organization I made 913 commits in 2020 and 1437 commits in 2019.

Browser Extensions

For many years I have maintained a browser extension to show the number of GitHub release downloads in the Github UI. In 2020 I added a new browser extension to the pile allowing for easy cleaning of facebook advert interests.

Github ReleasesChrome4.8288
Facebook Ad InterestsChrome4.93542


I seemed to stay fairly consistent with 2019 in terms of number of tweets, staying around the 1000 mark. Impressions increased by 50%.

My top individual tweet of the year impression wise was this small pointer toward the new .gay TLD for my friend and colleague with 11.5k+ impressions (only 37 engagements).

Second with 11k+ impressions was a tweet about my OpenRefine related blog post, along with 404 engagements, 73 likes and 27 retweets.

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