Most liked Wikidata tweets

December 11, 2021 1 By addshore

Wikidata is 9, and Twitter has been around for the entire Wikidata lifespan. So let’s take a look back through time at some of the most liked Wikidata tweets (according to Twitter free search) since creation.

Personally, I think it’s rather cool that half of the tweets are in languages other than English!

Want this list but for Wikibase (the software that runs Wikidata)? Check out my Wikibase focused post!

2021, @wikidata 412 💕s

Announcement of the new Wikidata Query Builder by @wikidata!

2020, @ftrain 1.7K 💕s

Context is needed for this one, as the Wikidata reference is quite far down the thread.

The first tweet says:

Wikipedia just alerted me that an edit made from my IP address was been reverted by a bot, which was surprising, so I looked into it, and now I need to have a whole new kind of discussion with my children.


Moving on to detail that this includes Wikidata!!!

And by Wikipedia I mean THE WHOLE FOUNDATION including Commons and Wikidata.


2019, @simongerman600 857 💕s

Map image & associated Reddit thread. Very nice, reminds me of the Wikidata Map!

This maps shows every lighthouse in the world found in OpenStreetMap and WikiData. Source:


2018, @christelmolinie 219 💕s

1st mass transfer of data from the collections of @MSR_Tlse on #Wikidata thanks to @RhesusNegatif trainee of @Ecoledeschartes The complete and structured data of nearly 200 Greek ceramics are accessible and reusable

@christelmolinie, Twitter Translate

2017, @Modesto 191 💕s

There is quite some discussion under this tweet, but I haven’t read through it all.

Hello. I just removed “Villa de Puerto del Son” from Google Maps.
The solution: delete the coordinates of the object in Wikidata.

@Modesto, Twitter Translation

2016, @Amazing_Maps 405 💕s

I love maps, and Twitter does too!

I found a post covering this same map on Reddit, and conveniently this includes the link to the original Wikidata Query Service query. Unfortunately “Query timeout limit reached” :(

German cities with “bach” (eng. creek) in their name

Source: Wikidata


2015, @jboner 70 💕s

As Wikidata continued to grow, people got more and more interested in processing it faster! This post looks at quickly processing the JSON dumps from 2015 Akka streams and Scala. The code is still on Github, but I imagine it takes a little more time to process using this method now!

Process the whole Wikidata in 7 minutes with your laptop (and Akka streams)


2014, @hillbig 58 💕s

The paper referenced in this tweet appears to have moved, but there is a copy on

Wikidata: A Free Collaborative Knowledge Base, by Denny Vrandečić & Markus Krötzsch

Wikidata, the data version of wikipedia, is expanding rapidly. Research, software, services, etc. using this are expected to expand in the future.

@hillbig, Twitter Translation

2013, @yandex 20 💕s

That’s right, back in 2013 Yandex gave a grant of 150,000 EUR to Wikidata in the early years.

Yandex supported the @Wikidata project from @Wikimedia. Read about what this project is and why we find it useful:

@yandex, Twitter translation