Review & Removal of Wikidata query service Blazegraph JNL on Cloudflare R2

December 23, 2023 0 By addshore

Back in August, I uploaded a new Wikidata query service Blazegraph JNL file to both Cloudflare and the Internet Archive.

4 months on, it is time for me to remove the R2 version of this file, which is costing me around 18 USD per month to store, and fall back to the Internet Archive version alone.

It’s hard to tell exactly how much use these 2 files have had in terms of downloads, however I know that in September alone 4.28TB of traffic was used downloading files from the Cloudflare bucket, which equates to roughly 3-5 downloads.

Many thanks to the 2 people that “Bought me a Coffee“, or 8, donating £40 to help cover the roughly £58 cost of this little experiment.

If you want to see more JNL files from the Wikidata Query Service be available for download, it would be worth you taking a look at (Publish WDQS JNL files to on the Wikimedia issue tracking tool.