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  • Add Exif data back to Facebook images – 0.1

    EDIT: Version 0.10 was released in April 2020 In 2016 I wrote a blog post with this exact title when moving all of my pictures from Facebook to Google photos. I wrote a hacky little script which met my needs and added exif data from a HTML Facebook data dump back to the images […]

  • Creating a Dockerfile for the Wikibase Registry

    Currently the Wikibase Registry(setup post) is deployed using the shoehorning approach described in one of my earlier posts. After continued discussion on the Wikibase User Group Telegram chat about different setups and upgrade woes I have decided to convert the Wikibase Registry to use the prefered approach of a custom Dockerfile building a layer on top […]

  • wikibase-docker, Mediawiki & Wikibase update

    Today on the Wikibase Community User Group Telegram chat I noticed some people discussing issues with upgrading Mediawiki and Wikibase using the docker images provided for Wikibase. As the wikibase-registry is currently only running Mediawiki 1.30 I should probably update it to 1.31, which is the next long term stable release. This blog post was […]

  • A firewall is blocking sharing between Windows and the containers – Docker

    I recently encountered this error while trying to run one of my docker setups. I have encountered errors like this before and it has always ended up being related to docker and sharing my drives to the linux VM that actually runs my containers. Checking the shared drives menu of the docker UI everything seemed […]

  • 2018 Year Review

    12,374 page views (up from 7992) 8,578 visitors (up from 5250) 24 posts (up from 4) 28 comments (up from 13) Top 5 posts by page views in 2018: Guzzle 6 retry middleware, (still #1) Add Exif data back to Facebook images, (up from #4) Mislead by PHPUnit at() method, (down from #2) From 0 […]

  • Wikidata Architecture Overview (diagrams)

    Over the years diagrams have appeared in a variety of forms covering various areas of the architecture of Wikidata. Now, as the current tech lead for Wikidata it is my turn. Wikidata has slowly become a more and more complex system, including multiple extensions, services and storage backends. Those of us that work with it […]

  • Hacking vs Editing, Wikipedia & Declan Donnelly

    On the 18th of November 2018 the Wikipedia article for Declan Donnelly was edited and vandalised. Vandalism isn’t new on Wikipedia, it happens to all sorts of articles throughout every day. A few minutes after the vandalism the change made its way to Twitter and from there on to some media outlets such as […]

  • freenode #live – Bristol 2018

    freenode #live is a “community-focused live event designed to build and strengthen relationships between Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) developers and users”. The 2018 event was held in Bristol, United Kingdom at We the curious with roughly 100-200 people attending (from my guesswork). The event essentially had a single track of talks. The old IMAX theatre above […]

  • Wikidata is 6

    It’s was Wikidata’s 6th birthday on the 30th of October 2018. WMUK celebrated this with a meetup on the 7th of November. They also made this great post event video.

  • Wikidata Map October 2018

    It has been another 6 months since my last post in the Wikidata Map series. In that time Wikidata has gained 4 million items, 1 property with the globe-coordinate data type (coordinates of geographic centre) and 1 million items with coordinates [1]. Each Wikidata item with a coordinate is represented on the map with a single […]

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