• WBStack close and migration

    The time is approaching for the end of life of the WBStack alpha platform (don’t worry, it’s still some months away, and there is a migration path to a new platform etc :)). In this post you’ll find an update on the current state of WBStack, another introduction to Wikibase.Cloud, some rough dates and connections […]

  • cobra: unable to redefine ‘h’ shorthand

    “Cobra is both a library for creating powerful modern CLI applications as well as a program to generate applications and command files” I’m currently using Cobra in the MediaWiki CLI project and recently came across an error while trying to auto-generate docs. I’m not actually trying to redefine this flag, but it looks like by […]

  • Wikidata ontological tree of Trains

    While looking working on my recent WikiCrowd project I ended up looking at the ontological tree of both Wikidata entities and Wikimedia Commons categories. In this post, I’ll look at some of the ontology mappings that happen between projects, some of the SPARQL that can help you use this ontology in tools, and also some […]

  • Pre-launch Announcement of Wikibase.Cloud [WikidataCon Writeup]

    WikidataCon 2021 was in October 2021, and one of the sessions that I spoke in was a “Pre-launch Announcement and Preview of Wikibase.Cloud”. The recording is now up on YouTube, and below you’ll find a write-up summary of what was said. You can also find: Original conference schedule entry Etherpad notes for the lightning talk […]

  • A first look at WikiCrowd

    I have quite enjoyed the odd contribution to an app by Google called Crowdsource. You can find it either on the web, or also as an app. Crowdsource allows people to throw data at Google in controlled ways to add to the massive pile of data that Google uses to improve its services and at […]

  • Pushing patches to sr.ht git repos

    I recently wrote a blog post using the taavi/laravel-socialite-mediawiki PHP library which is hosted on sr.ht. sr.ht, or sourcehut is “is a collection of tools useful for software development”, including git repository hosting. I had to make a change to the library, and this was my first time contributing to a sr.ht repository. The workflow […]

  • Laravel 8 with Wikimedia OAuth login

    I recently wrote a little app called wikicrowd (blog post to follow) using Laravel and MediaWiki / Wikimedia authentication. It certainly wasn’t entirely out of the box, and the existing docs still need some tweaking. This post reflects the steps I went through to set this app up, and it should only take a few […]

  • Installing Android Studio on WSL2 for Flutter

    I’m trying to do some “modern” Android development and want to experiment with Flutter while running Windows, and WSL2 with Ubuntu. Flutter isn’t as easy to install as some programs, no simple apt-get etc, but instead a collection of binaries distributed by different organizations that all need to be tied together. To start with, you’ll […]

  • 2021 Year Review

    I have been doing some sort of year review since 2017, covering projects I work on, this blog, Github and Twitter. You can find the past posts using the tag #year-review. 2021 has seen the continuation of COVID-19 with the Omnicron variant making its first appearance in the last few months. Currently living in the […]

  • Wikidata user and project talk page connection graph

    Talk pages are a pretty key part of how wikis have worked over the years. Realtime chat apps and services are probably changing this dynamic somewhat, but they are still used, and also most of the history of these pages is still recorded. I started up an IPython Notebook to try and take a look […]