YouTube scam hunter

Automatic detection of YouTube live stream cryptocurrency scams.

Trying to bring some visibility to the issue.

2022, Blog , Source (JavaScript, Firebase, Vue)


Tool for crowdsourced micro edits for Wikimedia projects.

2022, Blog (posts), Source (PHP)

WikidataMeter & co

A series of bots, running on Github actions, tweeting about various Wikimedia related milestones.

2021, Blog (posts), Source (PHP)


A MediaWiki focused command-line tool targeting developers

2020, Blog (posts) Source (Go)


SaaS solution around Wikibase. Originally as, now as by Wikimedia Germany.

2019, Blog (posts), Source

Facebook Data Image Exif Tool

Adds EXIF data back to images downloaded in a Facebook data export.

2019, Blog (posts), Source (Java)

Facebook ad interested cleaner

A browser extension that provides a small button to easily clear all of your Facebook advert interests.

2018, Blog, Source (Javascript)

GitHub release downloads

A browser extension that displays release download counters on Github release pages.

2015, Source (Javascript)

Wikidata Map

A map of Wikidata, where every item with a geolocation contributes to the brightness of the pixel.

Originally created by Denny Vrandečić, but rewritten and maintained by me.

2015, Blog (posts), Source (JavaScript)

addwiki libraries

A collection of PHP libraries for interacting with MediaWiki, Wikibase and other extensions.

2014, Blog (posts), Source (PHP)


Some projects are no longer maintained, are no longer in active use, or are deprecated or archived.


A development environment for MediaWiki, based on docker-compose.

Now superseded by mwcli.

2017, Blog (posts), Source

green bed of water during daytime


First container images for Wikibase. Now superseded by the official WMDE images.

2017, Blog (posts), Source