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Wikidata references from Microdata

Recently some articles appeared on the English Wikipedia Signpost about Wikidata (1, 2, 3). Reading these articles, especially the second and third, pushed me to try to make a dent in the ‘problem’ of references on Wikidata. It turns out that this is actually not that hard!

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Guzzle 6 retry middleware

Recently I switched from using Guzzle 5 to Guzzle 6 in my mediawiki-api-base PHP library. Everything went very smoothly except for there being no compatible version of the retry-subscriber that I had previously used. The subscriber has been replaced by retry middleware of which I was provided an extracted example. In this post I cover my implementation for the mediawiki-api-base library.

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mediawiki-api-base 2.0.0

Roughly a year and a half ago I started writing a collection of PHP libraries to make interaction with the Mediawiki API and extension APIs super easy. The base library has just made it to 2.0.0!

The new release really only uses the new version of the Guzzle HTTP library which makes use of PSR-7 and adds async get and post methods using the Guzzle promise library.

This library is the first of the addwiki collection that has actually reached 1.0.0 let alone 2.0.0! All of the other libraries, including wikibase-api and mediawiki-api are still a work in progress with lots to be added. The next likely to be released will be the wikibase-api library once I try to also add async functionality there!

A snippet of the async functionality added in mediawiki-api-base can be seen below:


Right now

A Stickman

So a quick summary of everything I am working on right now:

  • MassAction is a Mediawiki extension allowing users to perform mass actions on targets on a Mediawiki site through a static page using Mediawikis inbuilt job queue that I have been working on for the past half a year or so. I look forward to releasing it to the open source world soon!
  • addwiki is a collection of Mediawiki related PHP libraries (including one for wikibase). Previous to this I developed various PHP scripts and bots for Wikipedia using other libraries and always found that they were quite badly coded and prone to doing unexpected things. Addwiki is the start of my attempt to fix that for PHP.
  • Orain (github) is a community-driven, not-for-profit wiki network that I help to keep running.
  • I am also still an active contributor to all kinds of Wikimedia projects including the wonderful Wikidata.
  • I should at some point be trying to create a very rudimentary backup script / system for Sharepoint Lists…
  • I am also currently working on a redesign of the Joomla 1 components used to power written for Joomla 3 which should be ready in the next 6 months.

I am also still involved with:

  • Huggle (github), an antivandalism tool for use on Wikipedia and similar projects.

I could also point toward a few other things:

I also have a backlog of posts that I might try to write…

But for now lets end this post here.

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