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A Wikidata query service JNL file for public use

Back in 2019 I wrote a blog post called Your own Wikidata Query Service, with no limits which documented loading a Wikidata TTL dump into your own Blazegraph instance running within Google cloud, a near 2 week process. I ended that post speculating that part 2 might be using a “pre-generated Blazegraph journal file to…

By addshore October 2, 2022 4

Testing WDQS Blazegraph data load performance

Toward the end of 2020 I spent some time blackbox testing data load times for WDQS and Blazegraph to try and find out which possible setting tweaks might make things faster. I didn’t come to any major conclusions as part of this effort but will write up the approach and data nonetheless incase it is…

By addshore February 10, 2021 1