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gitgraph.js and for git visualization

I was looking for a new tool for easily visualizing git branches and workflows to try and visually show how Gerrit works (in terms of git basics) to clear up some confusions. I spent a short while reading stackoverflow, although most of the suggestions weren’t really any good as I didn’t want to visualize a real repository, but a fake set of hypothetical branches and commits.

I was suggested Graphviz by a friend, and quickly found which was going in the right direction, but this would require me to learn how to write DOT graph files.

Eventually I found gitgraph.js, which is a small JavaScript library for visualizing branching ‘things’, such as git, well, mainly git, hence the name and produce graphics such as the one below.

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Coolest thing I have seen on CodePen so far

CodePen is a front end developer playground, It provides a HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code editor in your browser with instant previews of the code you see and write.

Below is by far the coolest thing I have found to date (even though it takes a little while)

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