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Digital Ocean Restrictive Droplet Size

Digital Ocean LogoDigital Ocean is a ‘cloud’ hosting provider focusing on VPSs with SSDs called droplets.

They are generally rather cheap for what you are getting and their entry level droplet with 512MB memory, 1 core, 20GB disk and 1TB transfer only costs $5 per month ($0.007 per hour).

Orain, one of the projects that I am currently helping out with, currently powers all of its services with a handful of these droplets, and through the maintenance of these services I realise more and more that aspects of Orain really are not suited to live on DO.

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Quick overview of Orain

Orain is a community-driven, not-for-profit wiki network that I help to maintain.

It runs Mediawiki and has been around for the past couple of years. Over the years it has been hosted on VPSs from multiple different providers and its technical layout has changed massively from each provider. Below I will try to summaries it’s current layout! This will include:

  • The machines / VPSs – ( how many there are, what they are doing and why )
  • The management of these – ( using ansible )
  • The configuration of Mediawiki – ( how Orain is running the ‘wikifarm’ )

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