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2023 Year Review

What a year, I spent most of my time on a sail boat, cruising around the Caribbean etc, and working part-time for Wikimedia on Wikibase. WBStack became Wikibase.Cloud and the team now working behind it has continued to iterate on the platform, which finally made its way out of its early alpha state. That also…

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2022 Year Review

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I’ve been doing year reviews since 2017 under the #year-review tag, and 2022 is no different. Expect I have been living aboard a sailboat traveling the world for the latter half of the year. So this year is probably going to look a little different in retrospect, including far less time coding and writing about…

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2021 Year Review

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I have been doing some sort of year review since 2017, covering projects I work on, this blog, Github and Twitter. You can find the past posts using the tag #year-review. 2021 has seen the continuation of COVID-19 with the Omnicron variant making its first appearance in the last few months. Currently living in the…

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2020 Year Review

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Another year is up, and what a year it has been. I finally open sourced wbstack, I complained about fake news, looked at Minecraft mods and took a look at how COVID-19 was affecting Wikipedia page views. I make this post mainly for me to be able to look back at each year in a…

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2019 Year Review

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A year or so ago I decided to start making yearly posts reviewing one of my online list. I’m a bit late this year considering it is April already, but it’s been one rollercoaster after another during the start of 2020. Blog stats 23,940 page views, up from 12,374 (93% increase) 16,276 visitors, up from…

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2018 Year Review

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12,374 page views (up from 7992) 8,578 visitors (up from 5250) 24 posts (up from 4) 28 comments (up from 13) Top 5 posts by page views in 2018: Guzzle 6 retry middleware, (still #1) Add Exif data back to Facebook images, (up from #4) Mislead by PHPUnit at() method, (down from #2) From 0…

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2017 Year Review

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2017 has been a great year with continued work at WMDE on both technical wishes projects and also Wikibase / Wikidata related areas. Along the way I shared a fair amount of this through this blog, although not as much as I would have liked. Hopefully I’ll be slightly more active in 2018. Here are…

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