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Avoid image indexing in robots.txt

People might not want images from their websites to be indexed in online searches for several reasons. I have no problem with images from this blog appearing in search engines but recently wanted to add some protection against usage/indexing for another site. I did some thinking and research here. Search engines have some help pages…

By addshore April 8, 2023 0

cobra: unable to redefine ‘h’ shorthand

“Cobra is both a library for creating powerful modern CLI applications as well as a program to generate applications and command files” I’m currently using Cobra in the MediaWiki CLI project and recently came across an error while trying to auto-generate docs. I’m not actually trying to redefine this flag, but it looks like by…

By addshore January 15, 2022 0

A PHP library for

I first heard about when searching around for a quick place to persist some data while writing a Twitter bot. provides a simple JSON storage, with a free tier that can be very useful for small personal projects. The REST API is super simple, GET POST PUT DELETE etc. You can have either public…

By addshore December 9, 2021 0

sudo / elevate on Windows 11

Windows has never had a native sudo or elevation feature. Of course if you write the correct Power Shell commands you can make this happen, but what we really want is convenience. There are various packages around to help out and various ways to install them. And in Windows 11 with a new package manager,…

By addshore August 1, 2021 1

Simple Go defer code example

In Go, a defer statement will execute a function call just before the function it is called from returns. I found that most of the examples of a Go defer call online seemed to do complicated things with numbers. So here is a nice simple example with just text output. Example You can run this…

By addshore January 10, 2021 1

mediawiki-docker-dev v1 rewrite

Back in 2017 at the Wikimedia Hackathon, I played around with Docker and docker-compose in relation to MediaWiki and testing with multiple setups at once while developing, meaning multiple PHP versions, web servers and databases. My original slides can still be found here. Since then mediawiki-docker-dev evolved into less of a testing system and more…

By addshore May 22, 2020 5