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Wikibase docker images

This is a belated post about the Wikibase docker images that I recently created for the Wikidata 5th birthday. You can find the various images on docker hub and matching Dockerfiles on github. These images combined allow you to quickly create docker containers for Wikibase backed by MySQL and with a SPARQL query service running alongside updating live from the Wikibase install.

A setup was demoed at the first Wikidatacon event in Berlin on the 29th of October 2017 and can be seen at roughly 41:10 in the demo of presents video which can be seen below.

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An English breakfast in Berlin

When I was last in Berlin for an extended period of time (roughly 10 months) I don’t believe that I had a single English breakfast! In-fact my only vaguely¬†regular British treat was tea. But this time things have changed with my discovery of Broken English!

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