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Wikibase: What is an entity?

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I left the Wikidata and Wikibase teams roughly a year ago, and at the time there were some long and deep discussions going on inside the team trying to define what an entity was, and what should and should not be an entity. At the recent Hackathon in Tallinn, this topic resurfaced to me, as…

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2023 Year Review

What a year, I spent most of my time on a sail boat, cruising around the Caribbean etc, and working part-time for Wikimedia on Wikibase. WBStack became Wikibase.Cloud and the team now working behind it has continued to iterate on the platform, which finally made its way out of its early alpha state. That also…

By addshore February 11, 2024 0

Scanning for iBeacon advertisements in Go

I spent some time this evening faffing around trying to make a Raspberry Pi turn into a device that could detect nearby iBeacons, filtered by signal strength to find the closest, to basically create a kind of iBeacon scanner that spat out the UUID, minor and major values. Eventually, I gave up on the Raspberry…

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COVID-19 Wikipedia pageview spikes, 2019-2022

Back in 2019 at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, Wikipedia saw large spikes in page views on COVID-19 related topics while people here hunting for information. I briefly looked at some of the spikes in March 2020 using the easy-to-use pageview tool for Wikimedia sites. But the problem with viewing the spikes through this…

By addshore October 6, 2023 1

See all Windows 11 network data usage

Windows 11 (and possibly previous versions of windows) have a data usage view built into the advanced network settings view. This feature allows users to monitor and manage their data usage on both Wi-Fi and wired connections, and I assume also data connections if your device can be connected via a SIM. The Data usage…

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