• Reflection on filling a new Wikidata item

    A few days ago I watched a Twitch stream by Molly / GorillaWarfare where they created the Louis W. Roberts English Wikipedia page. I decided to follow along and populate the matching Wikidata item (Q109662645) with as much information as I could from the same references that were being found for the Wikipedia article. Along […]

  • mediawiki-docker-dev in mwcli

    The original mediawiki-docker-dev environment was created by accident and without much design back in 2017. In 2020 I started working on a new branch with some intentional design and quite liked the direction. And now finally, the all of the mediawiki-docker-dev functionality exists in a new home, with more intentional design, tests, stability, releases and […]

  • mwcli CI in Wikimedia GitLab (docker in docker)

    mwcli is a golang CLI tool that I have been working on over the past year to replace the mediawiki-docker-dev development environment that I accidently created a few years back (among other things). I didn’t start the CLI, but I did this mediawiki-docker-dev like functionality. As some point through the development journey it became clear […]

  • addwiki php libraries 3.0.0

    Back in 2014 I wrote a small collection of PHP libraries, releasing 2.0.0 of the base library in 2015 for interacting with MediaWiki and Wikibase. My goal back then was to create a stable base that PHP bot frameworks could be built on, while also experimenting with some framework like features in surrounding libraries. And […]

  • Developing on Windows, the WSL life

    The Windows developer experience has evolved quite allot in the last 5-10 years. I now spend most of my development life running Windows with WSL2 and using Windows Terminal and winget. So here are a few pointers from my experiences so far. WSL (WSL2) WSL2 is what you want! The first version of WSL was […]

  • Delete all Github releases, using the Github cli

    If you are like me, at some point while developing projects on Github you will have started and stopped using releases, opting to switch back to only creating tags. Github defaults leave you in a bit of an awkward position here where the “Releases” section in the side bar will continue to show your old […]

  • Using skaffold.dev with helmfile deployments on minikube

    Recently I setup a small skaffold.dev development environment for a platform deployed using helmfile, deployed to a GKE cluster in production that is moving towards also having a local setup using minikube. There is an open Github issue requesting helmfile support, so my first fear was that this wouldn’t be possible. Though after a little […]

  • Tech Lead Digest – August 2021

    Welcome to the 4th instalment of my Wikidata & Wikibase Tech lead Digest for August 2021. For previous instalments see Q1, Q2 & July. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑Wikidata & Wikibase The Wikidata Query Builder has been deployed. The Wikidata Query Builder provides a visual interface for building a simple Wikidata query. It is ideal for users with little […]

  • Pulling data into Google Sheets from Phabricator

    Phabricator is a suite of web-based software development collaboration tools, used by Wikimedia and many other organizations. One of these tools is a fairly customizable task tracker. In a recent post I described the current Technical Debt backlog prioritization for Wikidata and Wikibase. Part of that process currently makes use of Google Sheets for a […]

  • sudo / elevate on Windows 11

    Windows has never had a native sudo or elevation feature. Of course if you write the correct Power Shell commands you can make this happen, but what we really want is convenience. There are various packages around to help out and various ways to install them. And in Windows 11 with a new package manager, […]