2019 Year Review

April 19, 2020 1 By addshore
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A year or so ago I decided to start making yearly posts reviewing one of my online list. I’m a bit late this year considering it is April already, but it’s been one rollercoaster after another during the start of 2020.

Blog stats

  • 23,940 page views, up from 12,374 (93% increase)
  • 16,276 visitors, up from 8,578 (89% increase)
  • 11 posts, down from 25
  • 101 comments, up from 28

It’s a shame I wrote less, but I did go travelling for 6 months of the year, so it makes sense.

Top 5 blog posts

My top 2 blog posts in 2019 were some of the fastest I have ever written, just for those niggly little annoying things. The only other topic really represented is my Facebook Exif image tool, which now has a new updated post here.


On Github I apparently made 1273 contributions in 2019. This is remarkably similar to the counts of 2018, 2017 and 2016, differing by less than 59 contributions at the end of the year.

The period that I spent travelling between March and August is very apparent.


With 15.8k impressions and 218 engagements my top tweet of 2019 was a classic linking to a blog post about some of the changes to the Wikidata map series from the previous 9 months,

Second with 13k impressions and 352 engagements comes a post that came from a collaboration between WMDE and Google writing up a method to have your own Wikidata SPARQL service on Google hardware.

And finally a week with 12.8k impressions and 131 engagements from the moment that Wikidata overtook the English Language Wikipedia for the most revisions of an Wikimedia site.

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