Month: July 2023

Creating properties with statements using Wikidata Integrator

Wikidata Integrator is a Python library that simplifies data integration from Wikidata (and other Wikibases). It is written in Python, is focused on Wikibase concepts (as opposed to some libraries which are MediaWiki focused) and has a user-friendly interface. I’m currently working on a demo Wikibase and decided to bring all of the data into…

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Wikibase and reconciliation

Over the years I have created a few little side projects, as well as working on other folks’ Wikibases, and of course Wikidata. And the one thing that I still wish would work better out of the box is reconciliation. What is reconciliation In the context of Wikibase, reconciliation refers to the process of matching…

By addshore July 14, 2023 3

Require a “More” block in WordPress posts

As a WordPress user or reader, you might have noticed that some blogs and websites use a “More” block to break up their content and display a teaser of the post on the homepage or archive pages. This feature allows visitors to see a preview of the post and decide if they want to read…

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Wikidata Map in 2023

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It’s been 2 years since the 2021 Wikidata map. Yesterday I was sitting in the WMDE office and Lydia raised the point that we hadn’t made a map in quite some time (T331124). Maps used to try to generate in a somewhat automated fashion, but the process was rewritten in 2021 and still needs to…

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Windows 11 OpenSSH agent to WSL2

I briefly touched on my OpenSSH agent to WSL2 solution back in 2021. Today find myself setting up a new Windows 11 laptop and running into a couple of different issues, and ultimately using a slightly different solution than before, so here is the short writeup glossing over the areas that lead me to get…

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