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  • Most liked Wikidata tweets

    Wikidata is 9, and Twitter has been around for the entire Wikidata lifespan. So let’s take a look back through time at some of the most liked Wikidata tweets (according to Twitter free search) since creation. Personally, I think it’s rather cool that half of the tweets are in languages other than English! Want this […]

  • Finding the most liked tweets for a topic in a year

    I’m nearly halfway through writing a month of daily blog posts. I wanted to write some posts covering the history of both Wikidata and Wikibase on Twitter. Being a developer, I looked for APIs, but it seems tweets are not as accessible as they once were. This is a short write up of my adventure, […]

  • A PHP library for

    I first heard about when searching around for a quick place to persist some data while writing a Twitter bot. provides a simple JSON storage, with a free tier that can be very useful for small personal projects. The REST API is super simple, GET POST PUT DELETE etc. You can have either public […]

  • SMWCon 2021, Development environments using containers

    SMWCon 2021 is happening as I write this post. I was invited to give a short talk as part of a MediaWiki and Docker workshop organized by Cindy Cicalese on day 2. As I am writing a month of blog posts I’m going to turn my slides into a more digestible and searchable online blog […]

  • Wikidata Map in 2021

    It’s been over a year since I last posted about the Wikidata Map, and my last blog only used coordinate data from the end of 2019. At WikidataCon 2021 we finally showed off the new map tool that we have been working on, and with that came some fresh 2021 data!

  • WBStack in 2021 and the future

    2021 is nearly over, WBStack is over 2 years old (initially announced back in 2019), and has continued to grow. The future is bright with looking to be launched by Wikimedia Deutschland in the new year (announced at WikidataCon 2021), and as a result, the code under the surface has had the most eyes […]

  • Tech Lead Digest – Q3/4 2021

    It’s time for the 5th instalment of my tech lead digest posts. I switched to monthly for 2 months, but decided to back down to quarterlyish. You can find the other digests by checking out the series. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑Wikidata & Wikibase The biggest event of note in the past months was WikidataCon 2021 which took place […]

  • WordPress plugins

    Back in 2018 I wrote a post listing the WordPress plugins that I use on this blog. That post only received 122 views, but it was specifically written for some folks I know that are running WordPress blogs. Another friend (you know who you are) recently told me they were thinking of starting a blog, […]

  • Dispatching custom event in Fitbit SDK

    I just upgraded my Fitbit charge 2 from 2016, to a Fitbit sense from 2020. After getting everything set up I took a quick look at the developer documentation and found myself in a web based IDE called Fitbit studio and before I knew it I had sideloaded a development demo app onto my new […]

  • Reflection on filling a new Wikidata item

    A few days ago I watched a Twitch stream by Molly / GorillaWarfare where they created the Louis W. Roberts English Wikipedia page. I decided to follow along and populate the matching Wikidata item (Q109662645) with as much information as I could from the same references that were being found for the Wikipedia article. Along […]

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