Orain backups

There are more Orain backups! More recent than 15th June 2015 as stated in my previous post! Dumps from August 2015 are all on-line right now!

Many thanks to WikiTeam at archive.org.

Simply search for “Orain subject:wikiteam” and you can find all of the dumps. Of course you can add the name of you wiki to more easily find it in the list!

Edit: Simply search for “WIKINAME subject:wikiteam” and you should be able to find your dump (where WIKINAME is the start of your orain domain)!



3 responses to “Orain backups”

  1. Can you please investigate and find out what happened to the $2255 we raised using IndieGoGo?

    There’s no way the few months of hosting used it all up and no one received any of the promised swag. Now that Orain no longer exists, where’s the money? It clearly wasn’t used for Orain’s operating costs and can’t be used for those costs anymore because Orain no longer exists. $2255 is a lot of money for a project and shouldn’t just disappear without a trace.

    We trusted Orain with our projects, but those projects are gone. Maybe it wasn’t Orain’s fault, but who knows.

    But we also trusted Orain with thousands of dollars in donations going to support the project. We thought the money would go to the project, but evidently it didn’t and can’t anymore. So please, I implore you to find out what happened to the thousands of dollars people donated to a project they believed in. Could you write up a blog entry about it too? The fact that all of our contributions are gone is tough enough, but the missing money just makes everything shady.

    • Hi!

      The last I know it was all in the hands of Dusti (one of the founders).
      I would also love to know where it has all gone (some of it was mine)

      I could probably write up a post about how much Orain cost over the years and why, I probably have all of that information somewhere.

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