Most liked Wikibase tweets

December 11, 2021 1 By addshore

Wikidata is 9, and Wikibase the software that powers it is also thus about 9! Twitter has been around for the entire Wikibase lifespan. So let’s take a look back through time at some of the most liked Wikibase tweets (according to Twitter free search) since creation.

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2021, @annechardo 113 💕s

My thesis on “Managing Archival Authority Data in the Data Web” is online! The first part (from #maintenance to #MetadataDebt via #RiC ) is completed by a case study using #Wikibase :

@annechardo, Twitter Translate

2020, @Museocat 55 💕s

Today is also my 28th anniversary working for @SILibraries. Though the rare book cataloging is on hold till we’re back in the office, I’ve been keeping busy with Wikidata & Wikibase work, @BioDivLibrary record clean-up, & other fun metadata-y stuff. 🎉


2019, @OCLC 72 💕s

New OCLC report: “Creating Library Linked Data with Wikibase: Lessons Learned from Project Passage.” Describes a Wikibase prototype sandbox where librarians from 16 US institutions experimented w linked data descriptions for library resources.


2018, @wikidata 147 💕s

Save the date! #WikidataCon2019, the conference for open data enthusiasts, will take place on October 25-26, 2019 in Berlin.… #Wikidata #Wikibase #LexData


2017, @andrawaag 33 💕s

2017 was the year that the Wikibase docker images first appeared! The release strategy recently got an overhaul and the code behind the docker images now lives in a new repository.

Yes! A full stack from Wikibase to WDQS in Docker, with federated queries, turned on. #wikidatacon


2016, @Auregann 9 💕s

LadiesthatFOSS the Wikidata/Wikibase team already deployed several patches for WDQS, ArticlePlaceholder and UI 🐱


2015, @JeroenDeDauw 4 💕s

The ontology still exists in the same place today!

You can now find the Wikibase ontology at @wikidata


2014, @cjunekim 18 💕s

Just as an architect learns by visiting famous historical buildings, I think software producers should do the same. Some of the most important software for PC that I pick are visicalc, dbase, pfs series, Adventure, Wizardry1, Ultima1, WikiBase, hypercard, etc.


2013, @JeroenDeDauw 4 💕s

A library for the data model for Wikibase and thus also Wikidata that we have all come to know and love over the years was published back in 2013.

“Wikibase DataModel released!”… @wikidata #MediaWiki #PHP