Spike in Adam Conover Wikipedia page views | WikiWhat Epsiode 4

March 21, 2018 1 By addshore

This post relates to the WikiWhat Youtube video entitled “Adam Conover Does Not Like Fact Checking | WikiWhat Epsiode 4” by channel Cntrl+Alt+Delete. It would appear that the video went slightly viral over the past few days, so let’s take a quick look at the impact that had on the Wikipedia page view for Adam’s article.

The video was published back in January, and although the viewing metrics are behind closed doors this video has had a lot of activity in the past 5 days (judging by the comments).

It is currently the top viewed video in the WikiWhat series at 198,000 views where the other 3 videos (John Bradley, Kate Upton & Lawrence Gillard Jr.) only have 6000 views between them.

The sharp increase in video views translates rather well into Wikipedia page view for the Adam Conover article.

Generate at https://tools.wmflabs.org/pageviews/?project=en.wikipedia.org&platform=all-access&agent=user&start=2018-02-28&end=2018-03-20&pages=Adam_Conover|Talk:Adam_Conover|User:Adam_Conover|User_talk:Adam_Conover

Interestingly this doesn’t just show a page view increase for the article, but also the talk page and Adam Conover’s user pages, all of which are shown in the video.

It’s a shame that 200,000 youtube views only translates to roughly 15,000 views on Wikipedia, but, still interesting to see the effect videos such as this can have for the visibility of the site.

You can watch the page views for an Wikipedia page using the Page views tool.