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February 2, 2022 4 By addshore
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The time is approaching for the end of life of the WBStack alpha platform (don’t worry, it’s still some months away, and there is a migration path to a new platform etc :)).

In this post you’ll find an update on the current state of WBStack, another introduction to Wikibase.Cloud, some rough dates and connections to other communications. If you don’t know what WBStack is then you can start with this introduction.


Following the pre launch announcement of Wikibase.Cloud at WikidataCon 2021, the WMDE team has been working on getting the new platform set up and ready to replace wbstack.com. This includes updates to components such as MediaWiki, Wikibase, reworking components, modifying code bases to be more easily maintained by a team, and generally getting to grips with the platform.

This new platform uses the same codebases, and architecture as wbstack.com does currently, but it is maintained by a team at Wikimedia Deutschland, rather than me, an individual.

You can read more on the launch from the WMDE perspective in the mailing list post that will be sent at the same time as this blog post.

Initially, Wikibase.cloud will launch as a closed beta for WBStack users who registered before February 2nd, 2022 with a waiting list for later expansion. To join the waiting list, please fill out this form https://lime.wikimedia.de/index.php/717538. Please note that the waitlist will be considered after WBStack migration has completed.

For current users of WBStack, you do not need to join this waitlist. You will receive an email with details on how you can opt-in to a migration to wikibase.cloud in March.

wikibase-cloud mailing list February 2022

As migration time approaches, I will be reaching out to the current users of WBStack about the options and approach to migration. And if you are a current user, it’s worth reading the rest of this post.

WBStack closing its doors

As talked about multiple times over the years, the goal of wbstack.com was always to prove the concept of Wikibase as a service as a direction to follow. Most recently in a post at the end of 2021 I said that wbstack.com would likely be reaching its end of life in 2022, and it is now clear that will be the case.

The ideal situation is that wikibase.cloud is ready to receive the first migration wikis by the end of the first quarter, and in the second quarter wbstack.com would no longer be needed (June ish).

Prior to wbstack.com being turned off users will be offered a couple of options when it comes to their wikis

  1. Migrate to wikibase.cloud (a fairly hands off process, handeled by me & WMDE)
  2. Get a dump of your wiki, so that you can run it elsewhere
  3. Delete your wiki if it was just used for testing etc, and the content is not really of value

If you have any concerns please do reach out!

I’m excited, and I hope you are too!

Migration changes

A few things have changed behind the scenes as eluded to in previous sections:

  • WMDE will become the data controller and processor for the platform (from a GDPR perspective)
  • The service will be hosted within the EU, (wbstack.com is currently in the US)
  • MediaWiki and Wikibase will be updated from 1.35 to a version between 1.36 and 1.37
  • Communication should start happening via WMDE for Wikibase.cloud related requests, comments and questions

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