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AggregateIQ Brexit and SCL

UPDATE 02/04/2018: Looks like AggregateIQ may have had a contract with Cambridge Analytica, but didn’t disclose it because of an NDA… But all spoilt by a unsecure gitlab instance.  https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2018/03/28/cambridge-analyticas-secret-coding-sauce-allegedly-leaked/ I wonder why AggregateIQ state that they have never entered a contract with Cambridge Analytica, but don’t mention SCL. Except they do mention they have never…

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So, biggest turnout at a UK referendum with 72.2%, we have only had 3 though. It was so close, 27.8% didn’t vote and thus 34.7% of the UK population wanted to remain and 37.5% wanted to leave. The pie chart really emphases this. As for comparing the 2 referendums, the vote to join the EEC…

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