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Pushing patches to sr.ht git repos

I recently wrote a blog post using the taavi/laravel-socialite-mediawiki PHP library which is hosted on sr.ht. sr.ht, or sourcehut is “is a collection of tools useful for software development”, including git repository hosting. I had to make a change to the library, and this was my first time contributing to a sr.ht repository. The workflow…

By addshore January 6, 2022 0

Open Sourcing WBStack

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Open Sourcing the code and config for WBStack has always been part of the plan, although functionality came first throughout the first year or so. Finally there is a github organization for wbstack containing 16 public repositories that make up the entire deployment for wbstack.com. This effort took a few weeks trying to split sensible…

By addshore December 13, 2020 8