Month: October 2022

Wikimedia Enterprise: A first look

Wikimedia Enterprise is a new (now 1-year-old) service and offered by the Wikimedia Foundation, via Wikimedia, LLC. This is a wholly-owned LLC that provides opt-in services for third-party content reuse, delivered via API services. In essence, this means that Wikimedia Enterprise is an optional product that third parties can choose to use that repackages data from within…

By addshore October 24, 2022 0

Jetbrains Fleet & WSL: First impressions

It’s no secret that I develop using Windows and WSL. For the past few years, I have also primarily used VSCode as my go-to development environment. Between 2012 and 2018 I mainly used Jetbrains IntellijJ IDEA, but I found the speed of VSCode (launched in 2015), along with the modern design and vibrate plugin ecosystem,…

By addshore October 14, 2022 2